Custom Made Orthopedic Footwear & Boots

Custom made footwear and orthotics in West Hamilton

Custom Made Orthopedic Footwear


Desert Boot Dorsam acidburns

Dual Closure Blutcher Dress Shoes

Workboot with Met Guard - #B103

Hiking Boots - #0105

Plain Whole Boot - #0108

Cool For Summer with Velcro Closure

EB Hiker - #0104

Custom Made Orthopedic Braced Boot That's Been Worn for More than a Decade

Custom Made Orthopedic Braced Boot with Velcro and Speed Laces

Velcro Slipon

Custom made-to-measure non-orthopedic boots and vegetable tan leather boots

Vegetable Tanned Leather Custom Footwear with Custom Laser Engraving

Custom Made Orthopedic Braced Boots (AFO Braced Boot)

Brace Boot MVA

Crow Walker

Crow Walker

FAO Brace Boots - #B117

Pinto Pont - #B115

Bilateral Quad-Zipper Brace Boots - #B114